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What can you expect on a trip with us? We give all Campers an opportunity to be independent, try new things, make new friends and have the summer of a lifetime! 

Let us take care of the details

The smooth planning and safe execution of your trip is our priority. As standard we provide the following for all our school trips:



Sleeping Arrangements


Kids' Digital Device Policy

Food is one of the most important things on Camp! Daily meals consist of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Every day there will be a mixture of Vietnamese and International dishes ensuring that all Campers tastes are catered for and that we provide healthy and nutritious meals throughout the camp. Drinking water is freely available throughout the Camp. We encourage the use of REUSABLE BOTTLES for drinking to reduce our plastic waste.

Breakfast example: Choose from: 1. Bread, butter, jam. 2. Bread and fried egg. 3. Instant noodle with egg. (Juice and banana included)

Lunch example: Fried rice, spaghetti bolognese, grilled chicken, salad, fruit salad. 

Snack example: Egg sandwich, lemonade.

Dinner example: Pasta, crumbed pork, cucumber salad, mixed vegetables, omelette with pork, steamed rice, fresh fruit.


Time Activity Information
06:00 Wake up for Residential Campers
06:30 Breakfast 
07:10  Morning Announcements
07:15 Get Ready Get changed and pack a bag if needed
07:30 Activity 1 Activities in groups following the schedule such as leadership or life skills challenges, cycling, kayaking, yoga, bamboo workshop and beach games.
10:30 Activity 2 Activity 1 and 2 may occur together as a longer activity. Such as the Cham Island Snorkel Trip!
11:30  Lunch Most lunches are on site but some are off site depending on the schedule.
12:00 Free choice Room time, pool time, games- it’s your choice during the hot time of the day.
13:30 Activity 3 Afternoon activities onsite or offsite including: sports, cycling, workshops or team challenges. 
16:00 Snack time Healthy snacks every afternoon. 
16:15 Sunset Beach Trip Every day we go to the beach for sunset.
16:25 Beach hang out  Roommates choose an activity and hang out together.
18:15 Return from Beach Trip Good time for Residential Campers to call home if they want.
18:30 Evening Announcements Set the schedule for the evening.
19:00 Dinner Enjoy a meal with your friends. 
20:00  Evening Activity Choice of workshops, team games or talent show or disco depending on the schedule!
21:00 Daytime activities end
21:30 Residential Campers in rooms Campers have showers and settle in rooms.
22:00 Lights out Enjoy a good night’s sleep to recharge for the next day. 
Residential Campers will stay together on site at our incredible facility in Hoi An. The Summer Camp 2021 building is designed to accommodate large numbers of young people in a safe environment. Campers will stay in dorm rooms with staff nearby should any issues arise.  

Sharing dorm rooms and being responsible for your belongings is a great way for kids to get used to being independent and not relying on others during their daily routine. Dorm sharing is common at European and American summer camps, at Universities abroad and of course here in Vietnam. Getting your child used to this kind of environment will help them adjust in the future! 

  • All residential campers will be roomed in dorms of 4 – 6 people and grouped by gender and age. 
The health and safety of Campers is our priority. We ensure all our guides are fully trained and prepared for all activities and we only work with third parties that we trust in terms of safety. 

The following measures are taken on all our Camps:

  • 24 Hour Security at Residential Site (including CCTV in hallways and public areas) 
  • Risk Assessments conducted prior to all activities
  • Camp activity staff are first aid trained with up to date police clearance
  • Onsite nurse available for first aid
  • All staff sign our Code of Conduct which includes Child Protection Policy (available upon request)
  • Swimming supervised at all times
  • Life jackets available for swimming pool and compulsory for sea swimming and snorkelling
At The Learning Project we believe that kids benefit greatly from being taken out of their comfort zone and encouraged to be independent. Our Camps are a great opportunity for children to get used to being away from home and living in a communal environment. For that reason we only allow phones for 1 hour in the evening between 1800 and 1900 each evening. During this time they can call home, play games, or chat to friends. 

In the event of a family emergency, parents/guardians can call our hotline. We will ensure they are put in touch with their child immediately. 

I cannot recommend them highly enough!


The Learning Project is my ‘go-to’ when looking for trips for my students that will engage, challenge and provide opportunities for team-building. The guides are all knowledgeable and professional in their interactions with the students. Safety is as the forefront of all the activities they prepare.

Angela Hollis Director of Secondary Curriculum TH School – Hanoi


Summer Camp Hoi An 2022

Ages 13-16 | Camp Date: June-July 2022

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