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How to book your Camp

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Register and pay deposit (3,000,000 VND  per camper) and receive confirmation & Parent Information Pack via email

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June 21, 2021 to secure your place

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All parents must complete this registration form.
*Each Camp Week is based on a minimum and maximum number of Campers. If this number is not achieved The Learning Project will offer an alternative week.
*Each Camp Week is based on a minimum and maximum number of Campers. If this number is not achieved The Learning Project will offer an alternative week.
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Baby Sharks Summer Camp

Terms and Conditions for The Learning Project Asia. Effective January 1, 2021

COMPANY: Công Ty Tnhh Lữ Hành Á Châu
Address: Floor 2, Packexim 1 tower, no.49 alley 15 An Duong Vuong, Phu Thuong ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city, Vietnam.
Representative: O’Hara Gareth Richard – CEO

The Learning Project agrees to deliver the activities as per the itinerary provided to parents in the Parent Information Pack. Where an activity is not possible, The Learning Project will endeavor to deliver a similar activity in terms of activity type, location and equipment.

The Learning Project will provide no fewer than 1 staff to 6 Campers.
The Learning Project will provide staff during Camp that are sufficiently trained for their position and have understood and signed the Child Protection Policy.

Cancellations must be made by email to
Cancellations fees are as follows:
- Up to and including June 28 2021 (50% refund of deposit payment)
- After June 28 (-)
- Between 28 and 15 working days before Camp
(50% refund of overall balance)
- Between 14 and 6 working days before Camp
(20% refund of overall balance)
- From 5 and 1 working days before Camp, or no show (No refund)

*No refund will be given if:
- Parents withdraw their child from camp before the enrollment period is finished.
- Campers are sent home due to misconduct or unsociable behaviour.
- No email request for cancellation is sent to the above email address.

Consideration will be made in the event that a medical emergency prohibits your child from attending. In such a case, parents are required to send medical and hospital reports as evidence.

For the purpose of this Article, “Confidential Information” means any and all information, images, data and know-how, whether in writing or software, which are the property of any Party to this Agreement:

Each Party undertakes to hold and maintain in strict confidence and not disclose to any third party for any reason and Confidential Information of the other Party. Each Party also undertakes not to use Confidential Information for any purposes (except for the performance of its obligations under this Agreement), without a prior written consent of the other Party.

The language of Camp is English, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are agreeing that you understand the demand on your child. There will be Vietnamese-English bilingual staff to assist children with low levels of English language skills.

Force majeure refers to any circumstances which are unusual, unforeseeable and beyond the control of either party. Force majeure includes but is not limited to war, riot, civil strike, civil unrest, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, closure of airports, travel bans, epidemics (including Covid-19), extreme weather conditions and natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes and tsunamis. In a force majeure event The Learning Project will endeavor to mitigate the impact of the force majeure event by:
-Offer of an alternative program where possible.
-Refund of 100% of the overall cost of the Camp to parties directly affected and cannot attend the Camp and take part in it’s normal schedule.

Parents are responsible for giving detailed information of dietary requirements, allergies or any other health concerns including if their child takes medication. Medication will be kept by Camp staff and given at the appropriate time. No child is allowed medication in their rooms.

Parents are responsible for informing The Learning Project of any dietary requirements of their child in advance of the trip. If The Learning Project is not informed in advance, they will endeavor to accommodate the dietary needs where possible. In case special meals or ingredients are purchased, The Learning Project reserves the right to invoice parents for costs incurred.

The Learning Project will provide meals as detailed in the itinerary of the Information for Parents document. All meals will give campers a choice which ensures that every camper will find something they like to eat. All meals are prepared by trained staff in a clean and safe kitchen environment. Drinking water will be provided throughout the camp.

All parents must read, understand and agree to the Parent Information Pack (sent after registration is completed).

Full payment is due on June 28, 2021. If this is not received, The Learning Project will consider your booking cancelled and will not reserve your booking.

Parents are responsible for dropping their child off at 0830 and picking them up by 1530. If parents are consistently late they may not be permitted to enroll their child in further Baby Sharks days.

The Learning Project will exact public liability insurance to cover against the risk of an award of compensation where a legal claim is made against them for personal death, injury, illness or property damage occurring during the period of insurance caused by an occurrence in connection with the business of the insured, Party A. The limit of liability is $500,000 dollars.

The Learning Project may designate photographers to take photographs of the activities during Camp.
All Learning Project staff have read, understood and signed the Code of Conduct belonging to The Learning Project.
Upon request The Learning Project will provide parents with The Learning Project Code of Conduct.

The Learning Project will conduct Risk Assessments prior to all activities and provide first aid trained staff, onsite nurse, swimming supervised at all times.

All parents and Campers must sign the Behavior Contract before being allowed on Camp. If Campers break the Behavior Contract they will be sent home. No refund will be given. Additional transport costs will be at parents expense.

The working days mentioned herein are interpreted as calendar days, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays of Vietnam (including any day-off as compensation for the holidays coincide on Saturday or Sunday).

Baby Sharks Club Hoi An 2021

Ages 3-6 | Camp Date: July 2021



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