What we do

Activity-based educational adventure tourism

Adventure & Education Since 2011

The Learning Project has been a leader in Educational Tourism in Vietnam since 2011.

We are the first choice for international schools in Hanoi, Vietnam and we work with a wide range of schools in the Asia- Pacific region and internationally to provide activity-based educational trips, service trips, IB CAS trips and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to locations in rural Vietnam. 

We design and run unique field trips that encourage:



Collaborative learning in challenging projects

Transferable real world skills

Cultural and socioeconomic awareness in rural communities

Personal development in unique surroundings

Leadership and perseverance



Our engaging and practical trips are aimed at schools that want their students to challenge themselves and develop an exploratory approach to learning.


A key feature of our trips is the emphasis on linking students with local communities throughout rural Vietnam where we endeavour to develop sustainable and equitable tourism infrastructure in the locations we visit.  Whether you are looking for an adventure, academic or service trip we are confident we can find the right adventure for your students. 


 Our professionalism in organizing trips leads us to be vigilant in terms of logistics, risk assessments, safety evacuation plans, and dietary requirements. Our bilingual guides help to maintain 100% English with the students whilst also providing local translation and support throughout the rural areas we visit.


We design bespoke trips for our client schools working closely with teachers in order to develop programs that meet the learning objectives of each grade. Every trip with The Learning Project can be customized to match the curriculum requirements of the individual school.  


If you are interested in finding out about our trips in Vietnam, just get in touch!





Our Story

We have grown and developed, but not changed

The Learning Project grew from a shared background in education, a love of Vietnam, especially its natural environment, and a desire to enable young people to engage with each other and the country in which they live in an exciting way that helps prepare them for the upcoming challenges in their lives. Initially we worked with only domestic schools but now we welcome students from throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our model is simple but challenging; find an area or destination not always visited by tourists, find local people that share our appreciation of Vietnam’s natural environment and develop sustainable tourist infrastructure that truly benefits rural communities. We strive to work with service providers who model transparency, inclusivity and sustainability. By working with these businesses we hope to build a stable and enduring tourism industry in Vietnam. 

Our Company Mission

We are driven by our company mission to be the best we can be.  

Our company mission was collaboratively developed in 2018 during staff training with all permanent, contractual, local and foreign staff. It's important to us to have a clear mission, both for our clients and our staff:

The Learning Project motivates students to be active global citizens through team adventures and service projects in Vietnam.

The Learning Project also supports its employees and actively encourages them to participate in the development of the company.


Our Logo : the compass that guides the way

The compass on our logo represents a number of aspects of us, the Learning Project. In a simple, practical sense, we run adventurous trips in rural area where students are sometimes required to navigate routes by themselves and the compass is one of the oldest and best known aids for navigation. The compass also represents the staff on our trips; they are guides, they show the way and help students to understand and find things out for themselves. Finally it represents our philosophy; as a company and as individuals we believe that exploration of different countries and cultures as well as the natural world makes us better people. In running these trips, we hope to lead young people to a bright future.

Our Client Schools

We are proud to work with some of the leading international schools in the region:

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