Within our trips we like to set the students creative challenges to overcome. Pulling on local knowledge, materials and tradition we create activities that encourage the students to not just observe but engage with the context they are in and the communities they meet.Learning with local communities

Tasks can range be musical, creative, or even more practical, but we always tie it in with the cultural context of the wider trip.

In the stunning Mai Chau valley we set the students the challenge of creating their culture own culture. Influenced by what they learn from the White Thai people they are meeting and staying with the students develop their own dances, iconography and values.

“The Learning Project created a great camp for us. Our trip ran smoothly from the moment we left school. The accommodation and meals were excellent. The activities were challenging for students and created opportunities for students to work together. All students and teachers had a great time! Thank you Learning Project for planning our camp!”

Rosa Carbajal – Hanoi International School

In Cuc Phuong national park we have the students build dens using found materials – the students are encouraged to think of the skills required to survive in the rainforest. This trip involves the students engaging with the fragile local ecosystem and considering the decision making that has left many of the species from this environment critically endangered.

We can also run skill-specific trips, where the focus of the trip is the development of creative skills that may not be possible under the constraints of a normal school timetable. We work with dedicated specialists who work closely with the students to educate and inspire them and create high quality projects in areas such as film, photography and many more.

Whatever the location, and whatever the overall focus of the trip, we ensure your students have a chance to exercise their creative potential in an inspiring location and explore activities and ways of self-expression they may not otherwise have access to in their lives.