Above all, we are passionate about bringing students into contact with the real Vietnam to gain an understanding of the country and its beauty, the wide variety of different communities and in particular making connections with people in their own age groups to build relationships and share experiences. With members of staff who have worked in both development and education sectors in Vietnam over the past 13 years, we have travelled extensively and made strong connections with people doing great work in communities around the country. Service and community can be combined with other elements on Vietnam field trips or can be the entire focus of the trip.

“We built the play ground learned a lot from it for example designing, working together, physical work. We did something else other than just studying or playing with technologies and instead we helped a community that is quite poor. We also helped the kids in a school about cleaning their hands probably. After all, this trip is meaningful”

HIS student

Service Trips

The Learning Project is proud to partner with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and Action on Poverty to help underprivileged people and communities throughout Vietnam by participating in meaningful, ethical & sustainable initiatives with two international NGOs working in Vietnam.

On our trips students are pushed to develop themselves in new and unfamiliar areas while getting to understand some important development issues and learning about the difference they are capable of making in the wider community. All of our trips are run by specialist designers, builders and educators to facilitate learning in the safest possible environment. In keeping with core CAS requirements, the rights, dignity and autonomy of all individuals we work with are respected and the learning benefit for the student is at the center of our philosophy.

 Pre-trip fund raising can play as an important a role as the participation during the trip. We encourage the larger student body to engage in fund raising for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in order to fund the efforts of the Blue Dragon staff in supporting the trip; arranging site permission with local government and joining the group to assist with local community relations. All funds raised are donated directly to the organisation and students will also have input on how the funds are used based on their experiences in the communities.    This allows a platform for schools to develop a longer-term relationship with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and the communities they work in, while adding meaning to the student’s CAS coursework.