About Our Trips

The Learning Project Asia field trips for schools have been developed to provide rich and varied recreational, educational and cultural experiences within Viet Nam. We work together with teachers to build unique trips to meet student requirements with a focus on a combination of three elements; Action, Creativity and Community. All our trips contain creative elements matching cultural aspects that the students experience on their trips. We value team building and problem solving and have developed a range of activities that provide fun challenges for students relevant to different age groups from elementary to high school.


Within our trips we like to set the students creative challenges to overcome. Pulling on local knowledge, materials and traditions we create activities that encourage the students to not just observe but engage with the context they are in and the communities they meet.

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A field trip in Vietnam is a great opportunity to get students to engage in really active outdoor pursuits, in a breathtaking environment that will motivate your students to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and try and achieve in areas they may have previously thought impossible.

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We are passionate about bringing students into contact with the real Vietnam to gain an understanding of the country and its beauty, the wide variety of different communities and in particular making connections with people in their own age groups to build relationships and share experiences.

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